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Thread: High Power Rifle Match Fort Richardson 600 yds

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    Default High Power Rifle Match Fort Richardson 600 yds

    Greetings Members,

    Only 6 shooters showed up for the August 7 match & 5 shooters for the August 14 match. Both matches had to be canceled. We need to have at least 9 people to meet the Army requirements to operate the range. The weather was OK on August 7 and great on August 14. There are only two more matches at Ft Richardson this year.

    The Alaska Rifle Club will hold a NRA High Power 80 round match on _*Saturday*_, August 28 on Ft Richardson at the _*Pedneau range*_. Sign up time is 8:00 AM - 8:30 AM. The match fee will be $20.00 for annual ARC members or $25.00 for one day members. Open chamber indicators will be required and will be available for $1 each. Remember, 80 rounds for record, two sighters at each position and the possibility of having to shoot an extra string. Bring enough ammo. Everyone is required to sign up in the parking lot adjacent to Pedneau Range. I have attached the Match Program. I have also attached an Hold Harmless form that the Army is requiring everyone to sign. Please print one for yourself and bring it. You only have to sign it once for the year and the club keeps them.

    The Black Powder Cartridge shooters will also be shooting their match at the same time. 30 shoots for record, plus sighters. Everyone shoots the same distances but the time limits are different. The Black Powder shooters will finish before the High Power shooters at 200yds and the High Power shooters will finish before the Black Powder shooters at 300yds. At 600yds the times are about the same.

    The Army has tightened the rules on bringing firearms onto the base. Because Pedneau is not on the main base, we do not have to worry about them. _*If you go through the main gate you must register all firearms. *_

    The Army range control has taken a firm stand on range rules. There will be no personal vehicles other than the emergency designated vehicle on the Range. So, either you have to carry your equipment or put it in the emergency vehicle.

    Hope to see you there!

    Mark Friest
    Alaska Rifle Club

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