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Thread: anyone heading to Valdez this weekend

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    Default anyone heading to Valdez this weekend

    Me and a buddy just got some time off and its to late rent our own boat, if anyone has a couple extra spost open on your boat let me know please.

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    Probably belongs on the saltwater forum but just trying to help...

    Ya'll don't need a boat to catch silvers this weekend. If that's what you are after, don't forego the trip if you can't find a boat. Heck, I've got a boat and I'm not taking it because I won't need it. If you are after something other than silvers then that might be a different story. If it's cohos, fish from shore with a #5 spinner at the harbor, city docks, or Allison Point. Check the tide books and catch em from shore if your plans fall through. Good Luck!
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