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    In the nineties I came to Alaska and hunted caribou in SW Alaska in the Lime Hills. The herd was the mulchatna and at the time they were at a high level. In talking to my old guide about another hunt, he says the herd is down to almost nothing and not worth hunting and he is out of business. So my question is where are some good places to hunt caribou in Alaska. Also, any recommendations on outfitters that are reliable and friendly etc. I am interested in a bow hunt and currently I am using a crossbow due to a shoulder injury. I assume that crossbows are legal in Alaska but another good question to make sure. To late to get anything going this year so looking at 2011. Any suggestion or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Lew

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    Cross-bows are not legal for archery only hunts. However due to your shoulder injury, there may a way to request a waiver for you to use a crossbow in an archery only area. This topic comes up occasionally in this forum, and I am not sure of the answer. I will do some digging.

    However, there are plenty of areas in Alaska to hunt caribou that are not restricted weapons hunts. I used to go to Kotzebue and hunt caribou on the Noatak, Kobuk and Squirrel Rivers. It has been sometime since I was last in Kotzebue, so I do not recall the outfitters that did fly-in hunts. There were a couple of them at the time, not sure now though.

    There are other areas along road system, however it seems they are either Registration hunts or Drawing Permits. My sense though is that the road system sees a lot of hunting pressure.

    I would download the current game regulations and looks at the season and bag limits for an area that might appeal to you.

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    There are waivers available for handicapped people to use cross bows in an archery only area but I don't know the rules. I hunted the haul rd on the 12/15 of aug and got a cow and a nice bull. We saw about 200 total mostly one or two at a time. Saw one small band of 10 or so. Not difficult to get shots of 30/40 yds by just stepping off the road.


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