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Thread: Floor Nailer and Nails

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    Default Floor Nailer and Nails

    Installing some Bamboo flooring on one floor of my cabin. Currently looking at this nailer:

    Having never installed any flooring with a nail gun I was looking for a recommendation on staples or nails and the length I would need.

    I purchased the Bamboo flooring last year at Lowes when it was almost 1/2 off ( it is 0.625 think (3/4 in) and Lowes says to nail it down but I'm not sure of the nail length, but I will be nailing into 1 and 1/8 elephant board (sub-flooring) and plan on installing 15lb felt on top of the sub-flooring to avoid any possible sounds.

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    Any pre-finished flooring I've ever installed has been quite specific as to what form of fasteners to use. Read the box and follow the directions. I'm not sure if freeze/thaw would work the nails out or not. Ring shanks would solve that prob.

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    Man, your arm's gonna be sore after using that manual nailer! Aside from that, all I can tell ya is you won't be able to use it for the first couple courses or along the edges of cabinets, partitions, etc. If you must face nail in these spots, I'd predrill and use finish nails or screws.
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    I got one of those nailers. Nailed down bambo in our home office with it. Worked fine. Nailed down solid tigerwood flooring in the living room and dinning room with it too. Worked fine there also.

    The nails that you use with it are serrated and have pretty good holding. As for arms, it didn't bother me, but then I split firewood manually too.


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