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Thread: update on Guide Concession Program

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    Default update on Guide Concession Program

    DNR received $120,000 from the legislature last session for the Guide Concession Program (GCP), but none of it was specifically earmarked to hire any new staff.

    So DNR is now going to contract out via competitive bidding process for a private entity to work with them on moving forward. The bid process should be public down the line.

    DNR will still (as far as I have heard) be the agency that will review all the GCP comments and recommendations sent in.

    It's going to be very interesting to see just who applies to be involved in this on the private side, and who eventually the contract is awarded to <grin>.

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    The entire DNR GCP has been very quiet lately...not surprising that it may raise its ugly head again about now. Keep in mind that the "opposition", the guide-outfitter community, is out of town and very busy now through the end of September....


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    Likely a very good chance it will be awarded....non-competatively....hmmmmm....
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