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Thread: Yamaha 150 and 115's with seastar steering problem sharing

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    Default Yamaha 150 and 115's with seastar steering problem sharing

    If you have a boat with these set ups check that when tilted all the way up that the transom hangers aren't pushing on the steering piston tube. Turn your motors both directions when tilted to make sure the clear. The transom hangers extend down in front a little further than necessary and if they are making contact with the steering tube it will flatten a spot on the shaft seal. They are $123.00 and I have had to replace one and I have seen three other boats with the same issue, and a friend just replaced a seal on a twin 115 set-up with same problem. You can just cut the small lobes off the end of the transom hanger with a hack saw to allow for clearance. For anyone interested it might save you a little coin.

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    Good advice...Seastar steering has alot of problems with leakage and failure...something to look over before each trip.
    Ever notice that if you turn the wheel very slowly it won`t steer at all and just keep turning? That`s some good stuff there and it is a good warning to impending doom.

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