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Thread: Regent 22 revolver

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    Default Regent 22 revolver

    Hi everyone. I just bought a Regent 8 shot 22 revolver, sold by firearms internation corp. Wa. DC., 6 inch barrel serial no.r46278. It locks up priety tight and is in fairly decent shape, in the looks dept. Can anyone give me any information on it, and date of manufacturing ? Are they good plinkers ? it has fixed sights and i havent had a chance to shoot it yet. Thanks all.

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    I havn't seen on of those in 30 years, or more. I believe they were made in Germany and imported by FIC around 1960, although it is rumoured that FIC also made some here. The timing was hit and miss and they sold for under $50 and need cleaning every hundred rounds or so. A pain to take apart.


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