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Thread: kicker steering solutions

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    Default kicker steering solutions

    hello, im trying to find a way to allow my father whom is handicapped to steer the kicker motor from the drivers seat. i have an aluminum inboard jet boat with a small honda kicker motor on a permanent mount located on the port side. ive seen the auto pilots tr-1 etc, but they appear to be running around 2,000 bucks, which is a bit out of my budget. my father having partial use of his hands, i would like him to be able to use a wheel or a simple lever to steer with. im not too concerned about throttle control or the ability to start/kill motor, having those abilities would be fine, but are not a high priority. ive seen linkages that run from outboard to outboard motors, but ive never seen one on an inboard to outboard application. im open to any suggestions, does need to be able to allow kicker motor to tilt up, and be fairly strong to hold up over time. i am willing to put some money into this but not 2grand.
    ty in advance

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    I am sure you could use a jon boat style setup with a stick steer and just mount the stick on the side of the boat next to console.

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    Here are a few other options:

    II have the Goetz Engineering on my boat:

    Some more discussions on this topic here:

    Cabelas sells a system from Panther, but its not supposed to be as good.

    Good luck

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    My Duckworth had an inboard, with a Yamaha 9.9 kicker mounted to the dive step. My helm had two cables that ran off of it.One to the jet, and the other to the Yamaha. Whenever I wanted to use the kicker, all I had to do was put a pin through the cable where it attached to the motor. All of the other times, the cable would move, but it was not attched to the motor. I really liked the setup. I dont think that a dual helm would be very hard or expensive to setup. If you want, feel free to PM me. Good luck to you.

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    Sevenmag - I sent you a PM. I have a Panther ElectroSteer I'll sell you. No problems with it, I sold the old boat and can't use it with the new one.

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    A friend of mine fabricated a steering unit for his kicker by using an aftermarket power trim unit. He mounted the cylinder sideways and you push the handheld button up for right and down for left.
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