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Thread: Waterproof sleeping bags

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    Smile Waterproof sleeping bags

    I have always used a bivy sack when hunting, but has anyone used one of these waterproof sleeping bags? I was just reading about the Macpac Epic 300 sl.

    They state - "This also enables you NOT to carry a waterproof bivy sack, which is considerably lighter compared to a separate down sleeping bag and waterproof bivy bag".

    Not sure I want to take this chance?

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    i have no experience with the one you mentioned. however, i do with the sierra desings sleeping bags with the pertex outer cover. a half cup of water will sit on top of the bag for days on end without soaking into the material, if that counts as waterproof. now, if you throw a bucket of water on it, i don't know. for added insurance you could put a bivy over it for added water protection. i would imagine that for something to be totally waterproof, it would not breath. oh yeah , goretex hahahah.......
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    lol gor-whaaa?
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    No such thing!!!


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