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Thread: Private land north of Atigun Pass??

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    Default Private land north of Atigun Pass??

    I am driving up from the lower 48 next week for a moose/caribou combo hunt off of the Haul Rd. The plan is to access back country via air boat in unit 24 for the first portion of the hunt (6-7 days) after which we want to drive north of Atigun Pass and chase caribou. However, I just noticed that in the Alaska hunting regs, most of the land north of Atigun Pass and outside the special corridor is white - does this mean it is private? If it is private, is access allowed? I am aware of the Prudhoe Bay Closed Area, but am wondering about the southern poriton of unit B. This wouldn't ruin my planned hunt by any means, but I don't really want to travel 3,500 miles to get hit with a trespass citation. Also, is any one aware of of a location to buy detailed land maps of the area in question in Fairbanks? I will be traveling through on a Sunday, so I think my options might be limited. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    That land is not private, no issues for you there. Also for maps you can go to Sportsmans Warehouse in Fairbanks and print some out. They have a national geographic program with computer and printer there to print the maps you want. Here are a couple websites to check out for maps and boundaries.
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