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Thread: Where are the black bears?

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    Default Where are the black bears?

    Been scanning treelines looking for black bears eating berries, tried east and west Hatcher Pass, Girdwood, and Turnagain but no luck. Saw a decent sized brown bear on west Hatcher's, lucky for him I couldn't shoot him for 2 more weeks. The only black bear I've seen so far was a sow and cub eating trash at Rainbow parking lot on the Seward Hwy while a half dozen cars were stopped taking pictures.

    Anyone have any suggestions where else to look?

    Should I keep doing what I'm doing?

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    sounds like you are on the right track, they will be up high in the alpine if the berries are ripe. They may bed down in tree line some during the day but if you keep scanning the alpine they will just sort of "appear".


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