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Thread: How much is an old-school S&W Model 63 worth?

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    Default How much is an old-school S&W Model 63 worth?

    Its a Model 63 'kit gun' in .22 LR, 4" barrell, stainless, wood grips. Serial number 952xx. Looks exactly like the one in the picture.

    model 63.jpg

    What are these worth? I'm looking into one.
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    Around these parts, $500+ at the shows. I've owned several and am down to one in possession at the moment. Really accurate little .22 revolver that shoots ANY .22 rimfire round with the exception, of course, of the 'magnum' and WRF types.
    If you can pick one up for less, great, but even at 'new' prices, it's a fantastic little revolver.

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    I liked the one I had a lot. Some thief stole it. A cop friend of mine called me a couple of years later and said it was found during a drug raid in Bogota Columbia. I hope it was taken from the thief and not sold. Traveled far from little old Kenai. 400 to 5 hundred bucks sounds about right. The grand kids like shooting my little S&W 34 Kit Gun, me too.

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    Check this same thread under Handguns.
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