The Parks Hwy is in a lot of respects our Main Street here in the Mat Su Valley. Today we had hail the size of marbles, and rain that felt like it was denting vehicles, and pedestrians scurrying about in tshirts and shorts because it had been a rare summer day all day long before the weather moved in quickly.

I was driving down the Parks Hwy (4:30pm today) during a short break in the weather and saw this sight of the mountains, and clicked a quick picture with my little pointNshoot aiming it through the windshield WHILE I was driving. I like how this one came out, since the overhead clouds made it so dark yet the mountains were in bright sun. I didn't retouch it at all, except for smallening it.

In the lower left you can see a smiling driver, and I'm pretty sure that's a band of sheep in the upper right corner....

Just kidding about the last part.