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Thread: Fly in float out East/Middle Fork of Chena River

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    Default Fly in float out East/Middle Fork of Chena River

    I was trying to find someone who has flown into the upper section of East/Middle Fork of the Chena River. My friend Brian and I wanted to float that section and bring our fly rods hopefully to catch a 20 inch grayling. If you have floated that non-road accessible fork I was looking for recommended air charters, landing locations, total length and time for the float from drop off to the confluence with the North Fork, recommendation on whats best a raft or inflatable canoe for the river, and danger level/whitewater class of the float. We are looking to float this river next July so it would be summer water levels. Any information would be appreciated.


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    You don't need to fly in to catch 20 in grayling you can float from 38 mile to Rosehip campground and catch LOTS of grayling, the occational one being 20 in., I do this all the time. If you do fly out you want higher water levels to keep from running over rocks on riffles but higher waters usually dampen the grayling fishing.


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