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Thread: Late Sept Haul Rd. Hunt

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    Default Late Sept Haul Rd. Hunt

    I'm planning a hunt up the haul road for about a week the 3rd or 4th week of Sept. I'll be bow hunting. I'm planning on taking my Zodiak for floating/crossing the Sag. I've never gone this late in the year and could use some reliable advice on weather and river conditions for that time of year. I've read through a lot of posts and I'm expecting snow but what about ice. Thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    If this year is typical there will be snow anywhere from ankle to shin deep but rain or bluebird days are not out of the question. Temps will range from the 20s to 0. The Sag will be flowing but most of the near shore areas will be icy. Bringing the boat isn't a bad idea but there should be plenty of caribou on the west side of the river around then. Galbraith to Ice Cut. Get out among them beofre it gets light.

    The bulls will be getting rutty but they will be at their most beautiful too...sleek, and with full white manes.
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    Thanks Eric, My plan is spike camping about a mile off the road to get seperated from the "road hunters", but like I said, I've never been up their that late and never with a bow so I'm not sure of the hunting pressure or where the animals may be.

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    Default Haul Road

    A coworker of mine is up there right now probably resorting to throwing rocks by now. I will get the full scoop on his trip. I have not hunted up there for a number of years. Something else you may want to consider is contacting the guys at the State maintenance Camp above Happy valley, the year I went up they were a huge help in the planning. Great group of guys, I will try to scrounge up some phone numbers if you want...

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    Watch closely for signs of rut activity before taking a bull if at all possible. Caribou in full rut are basically inedible, even when turned into sausage. It's a shame to have an entire animal go to waste, so try to be selective in which animals you target.

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