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Thread: Cordova silvers?

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    Default Cordova silvers?

    My wife's birthday is coming up and she has been wanting to take a ferry trip anywhere in Alaska. We just moved here and she wants to see some of the out of the way places. I thought Cordova might be fun, we'd ferry our truck over and camp and fish.

    Is this a good thought? Is there some things to see and do over there? And how's the fishing around Sept 18th over there? Any recommendations?


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    have'nt ever fished cordova, but it is a great place to visit. i think you can fish the eyak river and a few other places out of town on the highway for silvers. for me, it would be a close call between kodiak and cordova for a ferry trip.

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    Not an expert by any means but I once had to take a bus-load full of girls to Cordova for a volleyball tournament around mid-september. Upon pulling in I was glad to see some bank fisherman getting after some Silvers. With about 8 hours off between our games I actually convinced the girls that it would be fun to rent some poles and do some fishing. I can't remember exactly where we went but I think it was just out of town towards the ferry terminal. Well long story short we were able to get four Salmon in about 3 hours from this area. Pretty sure we were using BlueFox spinners (multiple colors each produced). It was pretty fun.

    Aside from that Cordova really was pretty and seemed like it had a lot of things to do (outside of town) problem of course being I had all the games to coach so didn't get to do them. Regardless hope you enjoy your trip wherever you head.


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