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Thread: Got 280 grain SWIFTS to work in 350 Remington Magnum

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    Default Got 280 grain SWIFTS to work in 350 Remington Magnum

    280 grain Swift A-frame:
    Used 56.0 grains of RL-15.
    Seated to 2.860 col.
    CCI-200 Standard primer.
    Slight roll crimp into the side of the bullets since the cannelure was inside.
    2,420 fps with only a 5 fps spread.
    3/4 inch group.

    Oddly enough the 280 swift is slightly shorter than the old 275 grain Barnes bullets.

    They are rather pricey
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    That sounds like a grizzly load with NO issues whatsoever! Wow, good shooting! I am shooting the 275gr Speers out of my 338 and always figured I would try the Swifts if I run out of the Speers. Be good to hear some reports of the Swifts on game out of the 350 Rem Mag. I bet I could do about the same with the Whelen with RL15. That would be a helluva good killing bullet on big, heavy stuff! Scotty
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    That turns the 350 into a horse of a different color in my book. I wish I could reclaim my old C&H cannelure tool. I'd loan it to you so you could roll a new cannelure into those bullets. Mostly cosmetics if what you're doing works, but trim length will be worth monitoring I bet. If you're interested, look at the 'Solid Steel' Cannelure Tool under the Bullet drop-down menu here. At $64.58, it might be a handy accessory for loading diverse bullets in a 350.

    Thanks for the good word. That's just the right velocity range and bullet weight to really peak my interest, all in a short round. Kinda like a 358 Winnie on steroids.

    Edit: Well shoot. I dunno what's going on with that link. I tested it before moving on, and can't make it work. I googled C&H reloading, got the link, went there and searched, and that's how I got to the tool. Now when I google it again, I get a problem page. May be short term issues, but the site is if you can't get around the bum link.

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    Sounds like a consistent load. That 350 can be a monster for a shorty.


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