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Thread: Sheep hunting near sheep mtn.

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    Default Sheep hunting near sheep mtn.

    I have a freind that wants to hunt sheep, but is limited on time, and has access to cross private property near sheep mountain. ive informed him of the area closure for 13a on the management area, but was told by the land owners that there were sheep on the back side of the land that were huntable, sounds to good to be true to me. He is a first time hunter and asked for me to go along for a 5 day hunt, but I have never hunted there and would like any info. on the area anyone would like post, still working on the location of the private grounds thanks

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    Stranger things have happened but I can't imagine anywhere on that side of the Talkeetnas not getting hammered. That said I would still go, you never know and the worst case is you spend 5 days in the mountains. Here is a map outlining the closed area Notice there is a landing strip back there so you will almost certainly have company.

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    I was up in that area moose hunting this weekend. While glassing for moose I would look at the mountains for sheep. I saw zero sheep. There are a TON of people up there right now.
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