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Thread: any fishing near fairbanks?

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    Default any fishing near fairbanks?

    hello all, I will be in fairbanks moose hunting in two weeks (first time to alaska). After the hunting trip, we should have a day-and-half to mess around (sept. 18-19), so I was wondering if there is any fishing within a reasonable distance (day trip) near fairbanks. we will have a rental car. If the timing isn't good then maye someone could point out some good sights that we should see. thanks in advance. mike d.

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    Denali is about 2 hours from Fairbanks there are TONS of spots around there and on the way there is a book the highway angler that covers most of those spots if you want just grayling there is the chena river there is a thread called Upper chena grayling from last weekend that you can get a report from and depending on where your hunting if you are going to be going up to the Dalton you could always go to minto but you would spend most of your time driving just to get there.


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