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Thread: Needing information to take a 9 year old hunting

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    Default Needing information to take a 9 year old hunting

    I'm looking to take my 9 year old son hunting for small game and if dad happens to get lucky and find a legal moose, well that would be bonus. I'm looking for suggestions to were we could go and have some trails to walk. Looking for suggestions in the Mat Su area.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Pick up a hiking book or two on the area then cross ref the trails in the book with the hunting regs and you should have plenty of options to spend a season or three finding new places to hunt. Just use the books to find trails then hike in till you get to a good looking area and head out into the woods. A GPS is a good idea and a compass is a must, nothing like trying to kick up birds and bunnies to make a man lose track of where the trail is!! REI is a good source for books and most of the local book stores also have an AK outdoors section as well as the store on this site if you don't need the book right away and can wait a couple days for shipping.

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    Head out to the Big Lake/Pt. Mackensie road system. Spend your time searching the regions that were burned off a few years ago, in the Millers Reach Fire. Don't waste too much of your time, in the areas that are old growth. Look for areas that have been burned recently. It will take you a couple of outings to get the place figured out, but there is a lot of small game, predators and MOOSE in the area right now. More than there has been in a very long time. You will find powerlines, gas lines, back roads, sismic/survey lines, game trails and dozer trails from the fire fighting effort, to help you get back away from the main roads. Every side road leads to areas that have been burned. Even areas that are populated, contain critters. Just don't shoot from the road or on posted land. Go to Big Lake to start. More Moose and small game in that area than to the south. But work your way around there, figuring it out as you go. Stay to the left at the Y on the Big Lake Road and then work your way to the south. It is a good area for hunting, because you can even do it in the evenings/mornings or make a weekend of it.

    You should also go talk to the guys/gals right there in Palmer, at the Division of Foresty. Find out from them, where fire locations have taken place within the past five to ten years. Get a fix on their locations and hit those areas. They are the most productive spots to concentrate on. Good Luck
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