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Thread: Lost-- Portage Creek

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    Default Lost-- Portage Creek

    I'm sure it's a long shot, but I came back from Portage Creek on Saturday (21st) short one paddle, purple boot, and white jacket.

    I'd really appreciate it if anyone happened onto them. Thanks!


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    That sounds like a great story. Care to share?
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    YEAH, I want to hear too!!! Especially the PURPLE BOOT part???

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    Haha! It's not a story I was going to come right out and give, but I suppose it falls under "It happens to the best of us..." (I hope)

    My wife and I decided to do a day paddle of Portage Creek and everything was going great, we were probably 2/3 of the way back and were kind of just floating and steering. We got to an area with a couple of intersecting braids and there were some swirling eddies--I did a stupid over-compensation type paddle and managed to roll us over somehow. Anyway, in the general chaos of things floating in different directions, we came up short of the aforementioned items.

    The purple boot is my wife's neoprene, it was part way off and she kicked it because she thought it was slowing her swimming. She's a little on the tiny side, so ends up wearing some kids stuff. :-)

    The missing paddle, jacket, and purple boot make it sound like the set-up for a joke, but the actual story isn't that good.

    Thanks a lot for anyone's help!



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