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Thread: Caribou hunting in just over a week!!!

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    Default Caribou hunting in just over a week!!!

    On Tues, Aug 31, I will be heading out of Kotzebue for a 5 day Caribou hunting trip. I am not sure where we will be going yet. My brother lives in Kotzebue and the last info he heard was that a few hunters had taken some Caribou about 150 miles NE of Kotz. Can any of you give me your best, most well informed guess (is that really possible??) on how close to Kotz the Caribou might be when we fly out to hunt? I am over anxious to have an idea of where we are going. I hate to wait until the day I fly into Kotz to learn of our destination. It is worse than waiting for Christmas!!! Thanks in advance for the attempts to calm my anxious mind!!

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    While I would not know where you are going, I can clearly see that you would want some idea. I can not imagine any hunting trip with detailed maps of the hunting location.
    Yep, you need some idea of where you are going. So I would call your brother and have him contact the air support/transporter that you have contracted with. You need maps.



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