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Thread: Smoking Pinks?

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    Default Smoking Pinks?

    I caught a bunch of dime bright pinks on the Kenai yesterday. I was told they are very good smoked. Anyone ever smoke pinks before? If so, do you have a good brine recipe? The pinks are filleted and skinned and on ice and are good looking fillets.

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    I smoke up 5 or 6 each year. I like them just fine as long as like you said they are dime bright and properly cared for. I usually make salmon dip out of my smoked pinks.
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    My dog likes them smoked.

    Just kidding...he doesn't even like them.

    Ok, still kidding.

    All kidding aside, here is a good resource on smoking with some info on relative brine strengths. If you are looking for flavor additives, I might suggest sugar, dill, jalapeno, onion, or the like...not all at once, mind you.

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    I had cold smoked pinks last week when on assignment in Bristol Bay. They were excellent. What was not consumed as appetizer wound up as the compliments in the fresh silver chowder.

    I prefer to keep it simple in preparation; salted brine is enough. The fish then "speaks for itself". So says the Chinook First Nation individual who nets them and then vends the smoked product in the Portland farmer's market...

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    Go very light on the smoke. If you're using one of the "chiefs," I'm talking about only a single pan of chips. Leave them in to go ahead and cook, but pull the chip pan out after a couple of hours. I'm talking about a light golden brown coming out of the smoker. They're going to darken overnight anyway, and too much smoke flavor kills the fish flavor.

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    I smoked a fresh pink last week as a test. Used a dry brine of brown sugar (2 cups) and salt (1cup) because I think it firms the flesh up better than a wet brine.

    End result was yummy and is now in my fridge as a salmon spread.
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    I used a brine I found on line.... Hmmm.... I'm not sure I left them in the brine long enough. I let them sit drying for about 2 hours but no pellicle seemed to form. Went ahead and smoked them anyway. I just pulled them out after about an 8 hr smoke. They didn't get the real good browned look most of my fish get. I pulled one apart and it flakes ok... I'm gonna put them in the fridge for awhile and see how the taste later today....

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    If the humidity is high and you don't have much air movement, pellicles take forever to form, if they do at all. And I always get a better pellicle dry brining than wet. That color is going to darken up a lot overnight, and the smoke flavor will intensify over the next couple of days.

    In addition to spreads with creme cheese or mayo bases, we break up smoked pink and put it in green salads, break it up and fold into alfredo for pasta sauces, fold into a salsa (ratio about 2 parts salmon to 1 salsa) for dip. Wanna really go wild, chop up a little fresh dill and put it, some pink salmon, and some creme cheese into a folded omlet.


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