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Thread: Little Su Water Level - Currently?????

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    Default Little Su Water Level - Currently?????

    Anyone boated or floated the Little SU recently. Looking for info at both Millers Reach area and the Burma. How high is the water level right now, after all the rain??

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    It is receding
    Here is the link to the USGS Water Data for the lil su,00060

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    Just floated it yesterday from Schrock bridge to Houston. Water was at a good height and would not do it if it was any lower than it is.
    From millers down to Berma should be fine. For sure it's not running high. For anyone wanting to float this upper area it is great fun. If this is your first float I wouldn't do it, but if you want to get better at running down thru a mine field of trees, stumps, log jams, sweepers and strainers this float is a hoot. I had read on here back in early July that some guys had cut thru the log jams to make it a clean float on down. Well now in later Aug there is 3 new trees down all the way across. Some interesting 90 corners with loads of trees to make for some heart pumping fun. Specially when a carbon oar shaft breaks. Talk about one oar in the water, that really is exciting when you need them both.As luck would have it I had another so all was good once I finally landing into a place to get it out.
    I will say that some info found on here is kind of like Wiki and its not all true. Someone lead me to believe this is about a 5 hr float. NOT SO. This will take about 10 hr if you don't fish much.Lots of salmon spawning up there and know there is good rainbow and dollys but fished just a little bit with no luck as I wasn't sure of the time needed on this float for sure. Really fun float!


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