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Thread: Moose river East fork

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    Default Moose river East fork

    Has anyone ever taken a day trip on the east fork of moose river off the sterling. It looks small from the road but the map shows a few wider sections. Just wondering. Thanks.

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    Yes it can be done. It requires dragging over some beaver dams and some areas that you can't paddle. I wrote a story on here just a month or so ago about a group that some of my canoe renters picked up on the shore of the moose river.. these folks had been told by the summer help at the kenai national wildlife refuge office that it was an easy half day trip..
    they spent the night without equipment, food or enough water..
    they left the canoe and hiked thru the swamp to the confluence of the east and moose river and waited for someone to come along..
    lucky for them it was the same day.. they coated their bodies with mud due to the mosquitos and were very dehydrated due to not bringing along enough drinking water,, and they were affraid to drink the tanic water of the moose ..
    It can be done and done well with a little planning and taking the time to do it right..
    be prepared for some dragging and portage in a few places..
    also not any good camping along most of the stream after you leave the last lake.. Alfonsi lake ...
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    My buddy did the east fork and told me it was like navy seal training. He said it was great if you like to drag your canoe 5 miles through swamp. He also saw no moose if that's what you're after, this was 5 years or so ago.


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