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Thread: Upper Chena Grayling

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    Default Upper Chena Grayling

    The fish are still in the upper stretches. Still fat and healthy, still willing to bite. Spent an evening fishing with Tradbow, Starky and Ranger Ian. Hit the river around mile 50-52. Tradbow and Starky went downstream, Ian and I went upstream. Ian fished dry flies and I stuck with a beadhead just for experiment's sake. At first, Ian was kicking my butt. I couldn't buy a bite while he was getting consistent action. Then, as the light began to change, so did the bite. We found and worked some great holes. I caught fish on 7 consecutive casts at one point. Largest fish for Ian was a beautiful 18" that slipped his grasp before I could get down to him for a photo. I didn't catch one that nice, but caught many 17" ers. The majority of the fish were 14-15" and very healthy.

    Total fish for Ian and I: 37
    Top dry fly: Elk Hair Caddis/Griffiths Gnat
    Top wet fly: Black beadhead nymph

    It was a lot of fun to fish with guys who know the business. Can't wait to do it again.

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    For Ian and I, it was like a homecoming. We've fished that river together since we were teenagers and this was the first trip together in a long time. Good memories...

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    Thanks for the report! I am going to take my father in law up that way this afternoon for one more trip before he heads back to Louisiana. Took him down to the Delta Clearwater a couple of times this week and had a blast! He caught a few over 18 inches and was pretty happy about it.

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    I think we might be doing a rv trip to to fairbanks. We are visiting family on chena hot springs road. Me and my dad will probley explore the chena enough.
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