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Thread: New Skandic WT Rev Platform

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    Default New Skandic WT Rev Platform

    Hey guys, greetings from Canada. First of all, used this website for researching the 550F Skandic I bought in 2006. Awesome sled used for work and hunting never let me down, even on 5 miles of of mud and ice this spring. However, with a new member to the family who will be 2 this fall, I was looking at the new Skandic with less smoke, originally the 4 stroke, but lack of a pull cord makes me leary. So what do you guys think of a 20" track with the 120 hp 600 ETEC. Heard lots of good things about this motor, but it is not a cheap option. Any thoughts on motor longevity, I will be keeping my 550 F for the work applications. By the way, I got drawn for a Bison hunt this January in Northern BC, maybe that is the real reason I am looking at new sleds. Cheers.

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    Default Bearings

    I am running a 2007 550 SWT and was thinking of the same sled or a TUV but I had heard a rumor (from a family member of a racer) that the 600 etec sleds running the Iron Dog all blew or severly damaged a main bearing. This is stricly a rumor but I trust the source. The thought was that Ski Doo was getting the bearings from a different source (cheaper) and they did not hold up to the tolerances at high RPM's over time. I do not think it is worth the risk, I want to see a few of them in action and watch the sled forums to see if this problem is fixed.

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    Try There is a ton of info over there from people who know a lot more that I do. There a whole section just on WT and SWT so you should be able to find tons of info.
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