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    Angry I'm angry!

    I went out to Kodiak Munincipal (an unsecured airstrip where I keep my plane) this afternoon. I had a boy scout troop coming out and I wanted to make sure everything was good to go with my T'craft. when I got out there I noticed that someone had moved the prop, messed with the engine cowling (one of the diaper pins was missing, I did find it on the ground over by the left tire) and to my unbeliving eyes, they had walked on the fuselage and wing roots! It looked like they may have gotten up on the boot cowl and then left foot prints almost to the tail! Thank goodness they did not bust though the fabric or bend anything. Need less to say I am livid! Made a police report and the officer said they would step up patrols at the airport, but still,the gall of some people. I'll probably do the better part of an annual before I go flying, just to be sure.
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    Ah jeez. Idiot kids.

    Vintage Cessnas such as mine have a door lock which is laughable. I used to lock it anyway for a short period, while at my home strip which experiences a fair amount of pedestrian traffic. Didn't take long to find out what a horrible idea that was, as every few days I would find that someone had bent the handle trying to open the door. The nerve of some people just astounds me.

    Now I just leave it unlocked and hope some jerk drunk kid doesn't piss in it or something to get back at us rich pilot types.


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