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    Could someone give me an idea of how long it takes to float the Little Su from Millers Landing on the Parks Highway to the Public Use/Boat Launch on the lower portion of the river?

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    Depends on if you're floating with a raft or canoe. The current is real slow, on average I would say 2 mph in a raft. With a raft, you're looking at 18 or so hours floating. With a canoe it's considerably faster.

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    This time of year, plan on an over-nighter with a raft. You could still do it in a long day in a canoe. If you want to fish, I'd go overnight in a canoe, too. I've done it several times, and in places, the water runs real slow. Especially in a raft (or cataraft like I run) if you get a little wind coming up the stream, you really slow down to a crawl. Lots of good places to camp along the way.

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    Thanks for the information guys. I figured it would be an overnighter.

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    After floating the little sue down to houston from schrock on friday what ever you can do it in a canoe I would double the time for a raft.
    I wouldn't do the houston to berma in less than 2 nights on the river with a raft so you can fish some and enjoy it. being in a hurry to get it over with seems wrong to me when being out enjoying it all is what its about.

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    I did that float a few years ago in a raft. If I remember correctly, we did two overnights. The slower pace was nice. Plenty of time to enjoy the trip.
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