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Thread: Cabela's Ultralight XPG tent

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    Default Cabela's Ultralight XPG tent

    Has anyone tried this tent in AK?? It seems like a heck of nice tent and very light.

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    I used it on a sheep hunt in Delta 2 years ago, and it performed great. Nothing fancy, just a light-weight, low-profile tent with enough vestibule space to cook and store wet clothes. We didn't have any really bad windstorms, but it had no problems with gusts up to about 40. For the low price and the Cabelas warranty/customer service, and as long as you pitch it in a relatively good area, this tent will get the job done. One drawback for some people might be that it only has 1 door, but at that price and less than 5 pounds, I used a 2-man myself with no complaints and no nasty foot odor from my partner.

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    for the money i found lighter tents of brand name like north face and mt hardware that i went wtih instead. cabelas other XPG tents are really nice and have worked great for me, don't see why the little one wouldn't either.
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    Default NF Vector 22

    I realize I'm not aswering your question, but take a look at the North Face Vector 22. Very lightweight for 2 people and it has done very well for me, even in an April bear hunt up in the snow.


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