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Thread: flood channel 'boat launch' closure rumor squashed.

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    Default flood channel 'boat launch' closure rumor squashed.

    I finally made it out to the flood channel to confirm/deny rumors about the Army Corps. shutting down the gravel road just south of the railway there by North Pole.
    There's a sign that says "road closed ahead" and has a number so I called the Corps and found out the road is physically, not just administratively, blocked about a mile down from the pavement. You can still launch your Tanana Flats moose hunts from the slough there south of the flood plains.

    The Corps closed the road near the end to deter illegal dumping and shut down the make shift "range" that has been used by many to blast trash to oblivion and leave it lay for someone else to pick up. You can still discharge a firearm to hunt, just no target practice.

    I know this sounds like a boating issue but some folks do utilize that "launch" to access the Tanana Flats and the multitudes of game contained therein.

    Here's some photos of what I found:
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