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    I own one of these in a .375 Winchester and have another one in my possession that I'm contemplating trading into.

    My question is how well built are these guns? The appearance is anything but robust. The hammer looks fickle and TC will tell you to never,ever dry fire one of these guns.

    The new one is a 30-06 with a 28 inch barrel and it feels perfect when shouldered( yup Smitty it has a long barrel and isn't muzzle heavy).

    Are the guns all they are cracked up to be?

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    i like mine, I have a pistol frame ProHunter, but no pistol barrels, lol.
    I think that they are a little over priced for what they are but i like my single shots.

    The reason for not dry fire them is there is a small spring on the fireing pin and it can be crushed really easy, i have dry fired mine a bunch of times (before i knew about the small spring, or not to dry fire it) and it still works great. Now, if i want to do a lot of dry fire practice i just pull the spring and pin out or (much easier) put a rag over the pin so the hammer doesnt strike it too hard.

    i just put a 308 win on order from MGM, a 24" SS octogon.
    Back in Afghanistan, I hope for the last time.


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