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Thread: J3C project

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    Default J3C project

    Anyone got a bunch of time on their hands?
    My buddy had a J3C project he never got around to fixing up and he passed away recently. I am selling for the family.
    It was damaged in wind storm in 1985. Disassembled, fixed some of the fuselage issues, and that's how it sets. The motor only has 33 smoh on it. Logs after 1970 are there. Paperwork/337's/w&b back to the 40's ! No kidding.
    Posted here so you "airplane guys" see. Very reasonable price @ $7000. Heck, the motor's worth that.
    Its basically a total build, though. NOT a quick fixer. Wings are completely disassembled, etc.

    If serious, pm me and I will arrange to look at it. Thanks Kevin

    The link is

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    Hi Kevin,

    I can't pm for some reason or another.
    Interested in the project.



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