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Thread: Any pro's/con's real world performance reports for Suzuki df175's?

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    Default Any pro's/con's real world performance reports for Suzuki df175's?

    Any info pertaining to these motors would be greatly appreciated, looking at a pair of these for a 28 foot alum. landing craft with a gull wing hull. Big cc's and geared low and they seem to be easy on fuel too. I can't find anything wrong with them. Boat is approx. 5900lb's dry btw. Any real reports from owners out there. I'm excited converting from a 460 jet.

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    My friend`s boat (aluminum hardtop) runs a single 175 (2009) and is roughly 3,500#s dry and 24'. With 2 of us for a overnight with all the gear it averages 7.5-10gph depending on cruise speed. We normally run between 24-32mph. At 43mph it reports a 21gph burn. Good bottom end power and it seems very responsive. Great on very reasonable for the task we ask of it. Add a few people and more gear at it gets sluggish on the upper end of the power-band. BTW, it is incredibly quiet at idle...we usually have to look at the tach in the cabin to be sure it`s already running.

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    I'm assuming you are running prop on them, as Outboard Jets doesn't make a jet unit for them, yet......
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    If you're buying them in Anchorage, you'll really appreciate the Service Anchorage Yamaha ( the suzuki outboard dealer) gives you. I have twin 300 and have had great luck with them.

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    Reading info from other forums/boat builders outside (East Coast), they are saying that the DF175 is the best bang for the buck in the 150 to 200hp class as far as really being 175hp and the fuel burn numbers. I could dig around to find them or I could direct you via pm as to where to look.

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    Thanks for the tidbit's of info. I am hoping for speeds of around 30mph and ten gallons per. Sure mntmaster send it to me in some shape or form. Trying to make sure the Suzuki's are as good as they sound. AK2AZ i have a heavy hulled boat and a 130 honda and would hardly move out of the hole when trying to plane and was iritated at the prop the dealer gave i found a adjustable pitch composite that i now swear by replaceable blades and "fly by wire to plane now" and is even eager with a few extra thousand pounds now.


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