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Thread: Hunting black bear with dogs.

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    Default Hunting black bear with dogs.

    I read in the regs that you can use dogs when hunting black bear. Anyone ever do this?

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    Not in Alaska, and always on horseback. Legal or not, you'd need young legs, the right country, and an exit plan for brown bear or grizzly if you were going to do it up here, especially without horses.

    You might cross-post this down in the dog section. I think there's been a fair bit of discussion down there.

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    not in alaska, I dont know anyone that would either, we chase bear/lion in Id,Mt but the geography of the land and predators like wolves and brownies would be too much of a risk, IMO.. i have 2 hounds, but just cant get myself to let em loose on anything in Ak.

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    Yes it is legal. No you don't need horses. I have a permit and a buddy took his first bear with the aid of my dog earlier this month! First time she ever faught a bear, it was wounded, and she did good coming away un-hurt. I only use one dog and she is all I need! The little girl is fierce. She kicked up the bear otherwise it would have gone undetected in the thick green vegetation. Waiting to get my hands on the what little video footage there is from a digital camera. It was a great day seeing that could handle herself with a bear, let alone a wounded bear that hit her with the front paws and was in the bears mouth at times. Granted she was biting and jumping on the bear. Not a scratch on the dog! Still waiting for her to tree a bear, that will go for her doggie bed.


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