There has been a change for the Long Range Matches at Ft Greely this weekend. A Unit has an adjacent range reserved for firing large calibers on Sat, 21st. That ranges safety zone overlaps Colorado from about the 300 yd line to the pits.

Time for "Plan B". 8-14-2010, 1545h.

I just got a call from Derek. He confirmed that the unit that will be using the range is actually going to be there and that they will be firing .50 cal.

We will not be allowed to use Colorado Range on Saturday.

We are still scheduled to have it on Sunday.
The long range weather report looks good for that weekend. I know it is quite a drive for just one day but it's all we have.

We need to let everyone know immediately about this change so folks can make the appropriate changes to their plans.

Those who are planning to go should contact me by phone (745-3828) or email---

Craig Parker

Mark Friest wrote:

The Alaska Rifle Club will host a two day series of Long Range Matches at Ft. Greely, near Delta Junction, On Saturday and Sunday, August 21-22. Each day will be a 60 shot for record match. The match fee will be $20.00 for annual ARC members or $25.00 for one day members. Open chamber indicators will be required and will be available for $1 each.

On Saturday, August 21, there will be 20 shots for record (with sighters) at 800, 900, and 1000 yards all slow fire prone. For the prone category you must shoot off a sling but you can use a scope or "Any Sights". F class & F-TR use bipods.

On Sunday, August 22, the match will be 3 strings of unlimited sighting shots and 20 shots for record in 30 minutes prone slow fire at 1000 yards LR target. If you wish to use a different rifle for each string you may.

If you wish to read the Match Program, here is the URL link:

I have attached the Ft. Greely Hold Harmless form that the Army is requiring everyone to sign. This form is different from the Ft. Richardson form. Please print one for yourself and bring it. You only have to sign it once for the year and the club keeps them.

The Army has tightened the rules on bringing firearms onto the base. Because Colorado Range is not on the main base, we do not have to worry about them. If you go through the main gate you must register all firearms.

We will be meeting at the steak house restaurant, at the motel in Delta Junction, heading south on the Richardson, before you leave town, between 0800 and 0830. If you miss us just go to the range. Signup will be 9am to 9:30am. There is a map & directions for the range in the Match Program.

The contact person for this match is Craig Parker 907-745-3828.

Mark Friest
Alaska Rifle Club