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Thread: yamaha raptor 250r drift

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    Default yamaha raptor 250r drift

    didnít know drifting is possible with this kind of ATV motorcycle
    watch this Yamaha Raptor 250r youtube video


    Yamaha Raptor 250r | 2011 Yamaha Raptor 250r Revealed!

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    Drifting, jumps, wheelies, stunts, its all possible with a sport quad.

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    Doesn't even have to be a sport quad. I have taken turns faster than that on my 2000 Kodiak in two wheel drive. I like being able to play, like a sport quad, kick the back end out and hammer the throttle. That was one of the reasons I bought the model I did. As a matter of fact, it is a blast out on the ice track at Big Lake. If the straightaway is smooth enough, let of the gas as you come out of the turn (drifting or "dirt-tracking") and kick the back end around, hold the handlebars turned and nail the throttle. You can do donuts all the way down the straight then straighten back out and go into the next turn. If I am not mistaken, I even have video of my son doing it.
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