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    I'm floating the Chili next week. Any reports about the fishing? What about the river conditions? Our take out is Maribou on the Mulchatna. Any idea what camping is like there? Should we camp there the last night, or would it be better to camp upriver and float in the next AM? If so, any recommendations on where?

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    If you are talking about the Chilikadrotna nearish to will likely have very high water due to our recent weather, I'd call your pilot to find out what that area in particular is like. It's dried out the past few days in Dham area but there is lots of water out there still.

    Lots of cancellations on floats out here recently due to high water, low visibility and rough camping.

    But as said, call your flyboy,

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    Ditto about the very high water. We just got back recently from silver fishing on the Nushagak and there was a shortage of good camping beaches. There was plenty of fish to keep the kids happy though.


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