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Thread: Looking for a book on the Win. Model 94AE 30-30.

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    Default Looking for a book on the Win. Model 94AE 30-30.

    Having a problem with it not firing. Was curious if there was a firing pin spring in there. I think there is a spring in there that is shot. Just don't want to tear it down without knowing what I'm getting into.

    I would kind of like to see the guts in a picture if someone can lead me in the right way with a website.


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    The only spring involved is the hammer spring. There is no "firing pin " spring. The firing pin is retracted when you lower the lever and pushed forward by the hammer. The hammer spring guide/strut pushes forward on the back of the hammer and engages grooves in the back of the hammer. If one of its "legs" is slipping off the hammer or dragging on the inside of the stock, that could cause misfires. Take the stock screw out, pull the stock off, then put the screw back in to hold the lower tang in place. Then you can observe the interaction of the parts.
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