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Thread: extra gaskets for pack raft valve

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    Default extra gaskets for pack raft valve

    So after over-wintering in an outdoor shed the gasket on the main valve of my alpacka is cracked and useless. Anyone know where I can quickly get another one? Or where on-line I could check. I've e-mailed the company but they have not gotten back to me yet. I live in healy so don't have a ton of hardware store options.

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    Let me know exactly what you are looking for and I can bring it on my way down there.

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    I think I have something like 3 spare packraft valves. I am coming up to Cantwell on the 19th. I can leave it with the friendly folks at the Chevron Gas station if you want to drive down and pick it up. I may be coming up to Healy later in Sept as I have a Lignite cow tag if not I went to high school in healy and I am sure you can drop it off with some of the people I know up there when you are done with it and they can get it back to me. Shoot me a PM if you are interested and getting a valve cap on the 19th would still work for your needs.


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