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    Default Fiberform boats

    anyone have any experience with or knowledge of Fiberform boats. Looking at a 1973 28' for a project boat. About all I know of these boats is that they were manufactured in Wash. state and bought out by Bayliner in the late '70's. Any info of their quality.
    Thanks for ANY info.

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    Default Fobreforms

    Watch the gas tanks. A friend had one and it had a plain steel gas tank. A little water in the gas and you have a bomb ready to go. It's hard enough keeping gas where it's supposed to be...

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    Like most '70's era fiberglass boats, they were somewhat over-built. Lot's of 'glass in a boat from that era. Still, they can get waterlogged just like any 'glass boat. I'd had a surveyor check out the hull for moisture content.

    We had a '76 (I think) 24ft model for a few years. When the V/P engine (chevy 350) blew, I replaced it with a brand new V/P engine (350 again) and a duo-prop outdrive.

    Didn't really get the performance gains I was looking for with the duo-prop.

    Here's some pictures...

    Don't know the shape of the one your looking at, but most have seen better days. If your looking at a 28ft model, I suspect your looking a twin 350's. That's just way too much inboard/outdrive for me. But, I'm an admitted outboard fan.

    I never really found much on the 'net about Fiberform. But it really doesn't matter. Researching any troubled parts individually worked for me.

    Best of luck!

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    Default Old

    With a boat that old it is pretty much now a one-of-a-kind. I wouldn't worry too much about the brand as much as what shape that particular boat is in. Look at it this way, if it is still around and in decent shape after 34 years, could it have been badly built?

    Although, understand that any old boat is going to be a lot of work.


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