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Thread: just a heads up

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    Default just a heads up

    hmm...worked on this forum... % percentage icon nm, it doesnt work here either LOL....wasnt sure if you were aware of not. Thanks again for all the hard work.

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    Yep, we're aware. It's a glitch with this version of vBulletin and should be fixed with the new update (we hope). Meanwhile, since a percentage sign is part of many photo links, we've found that if you use the "go advanced" feature instead of a quick reply that it seems to work OK.

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    Default Still figuring this out

    I'm not 100% sure about this but even using the "Go Advanced" option of posting I think it will still turn the first % sign into strange numbers if you edit your post and essentially post again by just saving it rather than going advanced again

    I'll try here to see, this first is a "Go Advanced" post, then I'll edit it and post again.

    So if you are posting pictures your first will appear deleted or moved, at least from a photobucket pic. That's why you'll see pics missing from posts often, hopefully those will reappear with the fix ??

    So here goes for experimentation sake

    Ok posted clean after the 100 on original, now here's an edit, hope I'm wrong.......

    Nope that's what I've been doing, just saving the Edit
    If you just save your edit it does mess up the % sign as it did this time, so I'll edit and "Go Advanced" rather than just saving the edit, hopefully that works, watching the sign after "first" in the second line
    then" save changes"

    OK I have that much figured now, Stay with the Go Advanced if you are editing. Whew I thought I had it then started losing stuff again when editing, hope that makes sense for you guys,

    Love Those Pictures Now I don't have to be tossing all those % signs into the beginning of photo posts and worrying about edits,
    Awww So Much Fun
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