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Thread: Regular leather hunt'n boot with bootie Waders?

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    Default Regular leather hunt'n boot with bootie Waders?

    Looknig at switching over this year to a breathable stocking foot wader, like the Cabelas Gold Medel Dry Plus waist high waders. I have a pair of leather Mendl hunting boots that i could wear over the bootie, or should i look at getting a rubber sole wading boot, like the Simms Guide boot, and hunt in that. Going to Kodiak for Deer early November, doing a lagoon landing and te area is mainlh hihg ground, so the I could get by on a non rainly day wearing the Mendl's and gators, like I have in the past. Every hunt I'm on my boots are wet by day 2 anyway.
    Looking for what has worked for others in the past. Not even interested in wearing a rubber hip boot as I would sweat to death in them.



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    yep, get a good pair of hiking boots a couple sizes bigger than you usually wear. i used to take my waders in to REI's "bargain table" and try on whatever they had.
    the rubber soled wadeing boots are worthless on mud and tundra.
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    Leather boots should be fine in November.Grease them up with "Snow Seal "
    Back in the 70's I drew a Spring Bear permit. The area was the Karlux river. I had a new pair of "Herman Survivors " My friend had the latest Browning leather boot.
    After the 2nd day my friend started saying "the only guy that survived in those boots was Herman" His stayed dry for 18 days. Glad I brought 8 pairs of socks. Each morning I picked the 2 driest ones to wear.
    Dont buy a boot with stiching over the toe area.
    Have fun and good luck.

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    Pick a boot with soft rubber on the soles if you're going that route. The soft ones will wear faster, but the added traction will save you a fall or two. Just my experience. Especially if you're wading a rocky river.

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