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    Hey all the wife and I and a friend are heading to Valdez on the 27-29th (Aug). We usually rent a military boat when down there but were too late to get one this year. So I am looking into other boat rental possiblities in Valdez. I know Fish Central has some rentals and they look okay but I figured I would ask the best forum in AK if they had any other ideas/suggestions about renting a boat in Valdez (or if anyone wants to rent me there's). Also I wouldn't care about hauling a boat down if anyone has any ideas for boat rentals in the Fbnks/Glenallen area that may be better/cheaper.

    Thanks as always for your help.

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    IF you rent from FC - don't get the big skiff with the 50hp on it - top speed is about 12 knots....the wooly is much better.

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    I just called fish central and there booked up. Im in the same boat as you, cant get a boat from the military so im calling around and had no luck. Let me know if you get one.

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    Got really lucky and was able to hope in with a guy who had an open seat posted on this forum. Have heard some good news from some guys about shore fishing so I know that is not a huge help but at least some optimism in getting into some fish one way or another. Stay on the forum and you may find someone with an open seat for next weekend. (also found some listings on Craigslist for people asking for seats so you might try that as well).


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