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Thread: Anyone having any luck on the lower Kenai?

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    Default Anyone having any luck on the lower Kenai?

    We are fishing on the lower Kenai from the bank and having a hell of a time catching anything.

    Fishing the bank in Soldatna, hit the visitors center mid day, and otherwise fishing off the docks at our hotel. Tried eggs on the bottom and under a bobber, vibrax spinners, and flipping yarn on an egg loop. Fished most of the day and came up empty.

    Anyone have any suggestions? Thinking of trying coopers landing tomorrow.

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    Yes, having plenty of luck from a boat in the lower river. From the Big Eddy to the Pasture using eggs, kwikfish, and spinners. Some days better than others but catching plenty overall. As far as bank angling is concerned, it looks like the bank anglers around Eagle Rock are having success. Good luck and stay with it and you'll get your fish.

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    From my experience, the visitor's center boardwalk is best hit at first light, and in the evening before dusk. The fish like to hole up dwon past the end of the boardwalk, and will start moving through as it begins to get lighter. Drifitng eggs under a bobber, split shot 6-8 inches above the hook. Keep your drift along the edge of the current and slackwater. Good luck

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    Just came back from fishing Eagle Rock. If you want to tangle with tons of chrome pinks, that's the spot to be. Had a blast casting chartreuse #4 Vibrax spinners and hooking fish left and right. As far as silvers go, only saw one hooked from the bank, the rest from boats. Heard they were getting quite a few silvers from the bank down around Cunningham Park this morning, on eggs.

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    For the last 2 weeks, we have been getting on average 4 silvers an hour from a boat in the lower river....Eagle Rock up to Poachers Cove backbouncing eggs. Excellent fishing this year.


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