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Thread: Where Can I find a Better Deal on a Leupold?

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    Default Where Can I find a Better Deal on a Leupold?

    Alright I know Doug has great deals on Optics, but this time I am solely after a " Leupold 4.5-14X50 VX-3". I have found them on Ebay for around $640 shipped to my door. I know there are some fans out there of these scopes and I would like to know where you found the best deals on these. Also, have any of tried there new scopes that fit tighter to the barrel. The bottom of the scope is contoured on the bottom. Wondering if this is working out better or not?
    Thanks for any tips you might supply.

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    Great northern had/has 10% off their leupy prices and their as marked price was the same as optics planet and SWFA on the vx-ii I bought so I got it $30 cheaper in town w/o shipping costs and w/o using sleesbay. Give local a shot.


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