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Thread: Cook Inlet Tanner Crab

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    Default Cook Inlet Tanner Crab

    Has anyone ever fished Cook Inlet near Anchorage for Tanner crab? I've never heard from anyone who has tried it.
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    Can't say I have ever heard of anyone crab fishing in the Anchorage area of upper Cook Inlet.
    I don't suspect thyere would be many there though as this area does not have nearly as much food for them as K-bay or other parts of cook inlet.
    Of course you could be the first person to find a gold mine of crabs. break out your charts and find some crabby looking areas. We usually fish in waters deeper than 300'-350' in and around K-Bay and lower cook inlet. You want a good muddy bottom.
    Let us know if you try it and what your results are.
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