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    Question .404 jeffrey

    I have a winchester M70 lefthand safari classic in .375 H&H magnum. The barrel is the roughest hunk of junk I ever owned (1 shot and the lands look like copper railroad tracks in a tunnel). The chamber is out of spec in the neck also (looks like a half attempt at a .375 weatherby radius on my brass). It aint worth lapping to save it for me since I hate belted mags anyway (only bought it for the action). So here is my question..I want a Brown bear rifle...should I go for a .404 jeffrey conversion which is an awsome non belted powerhouse classic (with ammo available from quality cartridge and A-square)or try a .416 based on the .375 ruger? I am on the fence on this one....404 is expensive but brass should last a very long time loaded at modest pressures for target practice....however if anyone has info on any wildcats of .416 based on the new ruger .375 case that could be an adventure of its own (and could leave bolt face alone at .532"). Brass should be cheaper and more abundant when ruger gets full swing into its .375 production. All opinions are welcome and appreciated.

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    Default The 416 Ruger..


    The 404 Jeffery is certainly a worthy caliber but the action will be better suited to the Ruger case. Feeding might be a problem with the 404 and less so with the Ruger case.

    I have some 375 Ruger brass and I have necked it to .366", .416" and .423", just for fun.

    It would be the simpliest operation to make a 416 Ruger. Dave Manson is making reamers as we speak for the "Ruger series". Feel free to steal my idea and run with it, it ain't copywrited. :-)

    I don't like belts either so I look to the ready supply of 375 Ruger brass to fuel several wildcats. You will probably have to modify the follower and rails and will loose a round in the box but the 416 "Jedi" will have good ballistics. It falls between the 416 Taylor and the Remington, a good place to be. It will be this fall before I have loading data.

    Enjoy your venture.
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    Default "murphy/ruger series"

    Thx for the info and sorry about taking your idea (great minds work alike) lol.
    I thought about some of the gunsmithing problems so I am just going to have z-hat do the work if i go for the .404 jeffrey. I would have him add a laminated stock with drop belly mag to keep the extra round. Even though the ruger is a "standard length" cartridge i think i could justify using it in my action by also using 500 grain hawk bullets seated out so as to not take up powder space. Thats right, i said 500 grain (woo hoo) .416 caliber hawk bullets with a staggering .413 sectional density!! That ought to permit a texas heart shot on anything living and still get vitals.
    looking foreward to seeing how your wildcatting load data turns out for the .416 and hope you try the 500 grainers.


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