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Thread: Did they vote to legalize alcohol in Kotz?

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    Talking Did they vote to legalize alcohol in Kotz?

    I was told by an outfitter that they may have lagalized alcohol in Kotzobue. Does anyboby have any information for an up-coming hunt.

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    Kotzebue was (and is for a couple more weeks) "Damp", and will soon have a liquor packaging store, run by the city.
    You can order alcohol if you live here in Kotzebue, you can bring alcohol here if you dont, but its a felony to have alcohol in a village as they are dry.
    Currently 5 bottles of liquor can go in your check on luggage, but you must declare it, or you may ship 16 bottles in one load per month, and recieve it as cargo from the airline.
    Soon, with a tax and some papers to fill out to register you, you will be able to purchase 1 750ml jug and a case of Beer perday from the City distributer.

    Call BrownJug Liquors or Newpartytime Liquors, they have all the info you need.

    You can have alcohol all you want, out in the country, just dont bring it into a village. I personally do not drink at all while out in the country.Too many people dissapear doing such.

    Like guns and cars, have fun and be carefull, right?~~LOL!!~~
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    Time for dinner. A fried "SNOWY OWL'and a can of "Bud" No where but Alaska!!!


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