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Thread: Gold King Creek area for 20A caribou

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    Default Gold King Creek area for 20A caribou

    I was drawn for a 20A caribou tag and was wondering if the herd moves through the Gold King creek area?

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    I have some info on that area as I hunted moose on the wood river near there for years. No, no caribou around gold king. they tend to hang further south and east of the Japan hills up in the Dry creek and upper Wood river area. Gold King sees lots of ATV trafic and Hunting presure A Buddy of mine drew that permit 2 years ago and accesed the area by ATV. He had success by going in on the ferry trail as far as Totalanika landing strip then Backpacking over to the next drainage. He is a fit and trim young man and said the hunt Kicked his @#$.


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